Monday, August 23, 2010

Iheartfaces photochallenge week 34-- Beach Fun!

" Beach Fun" Photo Challenge

We were at a nearby beach this week. That was great timing for this weeks challenge.

It is so much fun being a kid!

"Dunk Her!"

Please visit Iheartfaces to see other pictures. There are a ton of entries there and they all seem fantastic to me.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Iheartfaces photochallenge week 33-- Shades!

"Got to Wear Shades" Photo Challenge

This is a new challenge group for me but when I saw the topic of the week I thought yup. I know what to do with this one! Please visit Iheartfaces to see other pictures with very cool shades! It looks like it is a very busy site and they seem to have some interesting tutorials there too.

Bob jumped into the boat so hard that his sunglasses bounced right off his head and into the reeds where we dock our boat. We drove out to our island and Bob changed into a bathing suit and wading gear. We went back to our dock and I sat on the shore with the camera and Bob went "fishing" for his sunglasses. It took a while with him wading and feeling around, encounters with blood sucking leaches and a fair bit of frustration but eventually he found them suspended above the bottom caught in some reeds. I got a picture of the triumphant Bob with his big catch of the day.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Sunday Creative: Ethereal


"Wings of Change"

adj 1.Celestial, Heavenly 2. Exceptionally delicate: airy, dainty

We watched the dragonflies at the cottage last week in amazement. Just before dusk on a hot humid evening I saw darting shadows on the floor of the porch where I was sitting reading. I looked out the window to see what it was. There were more large dragonflies moving around than I had ever seen in one spot before. By time it got just a little darker it went from hundreds of dragonflies to only a couple of shadows flashing past my window.

The dragonflies I saw are only one phase of the little things lives. It is a transformation that leads from an aquatic nymph stage which can last for years and years to the delicate stage of life when it takes flight for only a couple of months until it lays it's eggs and the cycle begins anew.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Sunday Creative: Raw


Land at the Water's Edge

Our daughter, Emily, took some pictures last week and this one seemed to me to be great for this topic. I think it is beautiful. Rock so rough and edgy and worn with time and the water swirls at the edge. It seems so basic and yet so complicated with the striation and patterns of the stone and the circles of the water. Mineral, water and air bubbles and a few touches of moss ~~ elemental.

Thanks Emily for letting us share your photo.

Madeline Bea posted this on her website for this weeks challenge.

adj 1.Not cooked 2. Changed little from the original form; not processed 3. Having the surface abraded or irritated 4. Not trained or experienced 5. Vulgar; coarse 6. Disagreeably cold and damp 7. Unfair

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Sunday Creative: Shapely


What is it to be having a pleasing shape? I think these trees are magnificent!! They are so straight and tall and the angle of the picture really shows off their "pleasing shapes".

Tall Trees in Riding Mountain Park

Statue in the Leo Moll Garden Winnipeg
Photo stylized in Photoshop