Monday, August 16, 2010

Iheartfaces photochallenge week 33-- Shades!

"Got to Wear Shades" Photo Challenge

This is a new challenge group for me but when I saw the topic of the week I thought yup. I know what to do with this one! Please visit Iheartfaces to see other pictures with very cool shades! It looks like it is a very busy site and they seem to have some interesting tutorials there too.

Bob jumped into the boat so hard that his sunglasses bounced right off his head and into the reeds where we dock our boat. We drove out to our island and Bob changed into a bathing suit and wading gear. We went back to our dock and I sat on the shore with the camera and Bob went "fishing" for his sunglasses. It took a while with him wading and feeling around, encounters with blood sucking leaches and a fair bit of frustration but eventually he found them suspended above the bottom caught in some reeds. I got a picture of the triumphant Bob with his big catch of the day.


  1. Glad he got his glasses back! He looks very pleased with his catch of the day!

  2. I like Bob. He has a great smile! I could imagine the story as I looked at the picture. I think that is what makes me the best pictures. very nice!

  3. Such determination! Great shot/catch :)

    xo Suzanne