Friday, August 13, 2010

The Sunday Creative: Raw


Land at the Water's Edge

Our daughter, Emily, took some pictures last week and this one seemed to me to be great for this topic. I think it is beautiful. Rock so rough and edgy and worn with time and the water swirls at the edge. It seems so basic and yet so complicated with the striation and patterns of the stone and the circles of the water. Mineral, water and air bubbles and a few touches of moss ~~ elemental.

Thanks Emily for letting us share your photo.

Madeline Bea posted this on her website for this weeks challenge.

adj 1.Not cooked 2. Changed little from the original form; not processed 3. Having the surface abraded or irritated 4. Not trained or experienced 5. Vulgar; coarse 6. Disagreeably cold and damp 7. Unfair

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  1. great shot. it really fits well with this week's theme!