Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Sunday Creative: Ethereal


"Wings of Change"

adj 1.Celestial, Heavenly 2. Exceptionally delicate: airy, dainty

We watched the dragonflies at the cottage last week in amazement. Just before dusk on a hot humid evening I saw darting shadows on the floor of the porch where I was sitting reading. I looked out the window to see what it was. There were more large dragonflies moving around than I had ever seen in one spot before. By time it got just a little darker it went from hundreds of dragonflies to only a couple of shadows flashing past my window.

The dragonflies I saw are only one phase of the little things lives. It is a transformation that leads from an aquatic nymph stage which can last for years and years to the delicate stage of life when it takes flight for only a couple of months until it lays it's eggs and the cycle begins anew.


  1. oh my word, this shot is BREATHTAKING! perfect for this prompt...great capture!

  2. Very cool shot! Perfect interpretation!

  3. Love it! Dragonflies are so strangely beautiful.

  4. What a great capture! I can never catch things like this without them being hopelessly blurry!

  5. This is so beautiful...and reminds me how much I miss The Sunday Creative. I don't know how you got this photo. I love your explanation of the circumstances too...sounds dreamy :) Weekend at the lake with dragonflies!